Rhodesia and Nyasaland

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 C   S   C=Collection  S=Spare for Trade
#20a10 Shillings 3.4.1956-1.7.1960
#20b10 Shillings 30.12.1960-1.2.1961
#20s 10 Shillings As a. Specimen. Punch hole cancelled.
#20ct 10 Shillings Color trial. Green on pink.
#21a1 Pound 3.4.1956-17.6.1960
#21b1 Pound 28.11.1960-1.2.1961
#21s 1 Pound As a. Specimen. Punch hole cancelled.
#21ct 1 Pound Color trial. Blue on orange.
#22a5 Pounds 3.4.1956-17.6.1960
#22b5 Pounds 23.1.1961-3.2.1961
#22s 5 Pounds As a. Specimen. Punch hole cancelled.
#22ct 5 Pounds Color trial. Red-brown on blue.
#23a 10 Pounds 3.4.1956-17.6.1960
#23b 10 Pounds 1.2.1961; 3.2.1961
#23s 10 Pounds As a. Specimen. Punch hole cancelled.
#23ct 10 Pounds Color trial. Green on multicolor.
Note: For earlier issues see Southern Rhodesia.
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This is a collection of world banknote images. Here you will find foreign banknote photos, banknote values and other information useful for banknote collecting. Some banknotes came from the banknote mint, some came from banknote dealers, some came from banknote auction. Some are stored in banknote folders, others are stored using other banknote supplies. This information is useful for banknote collecting software and cataloging banknote types and banknote values in U.S. dollars.